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Test your new SCENT MOUSE from ScentAndrea here!
Install the drivers from the installation CD then click on a fragrance.

Contact us for a demonstration!

The internet will be far more powerful when other senses are utilized to experience the endless array of objects now available on the web. This website has the ability to deliver a single scent or multiple scents at precise times in your exploration of our site.

Send us some information about you and your company and we will send you a scented mouse which you can experience and share with others. Let us visit you and we will bring a scent system that will work in your computer to enhance a number of scents integral to your products. We can also show you a feature film with many scenes scented to lend another more memorable dimension to communications and selling.

Once you experience our scent mouse you will see how valuable it could be for launching a new product to the press or to any other very important audience.

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