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People buy coffee with their nose first.

We make a scent delivery system that when installed in your coffee machine will put out the smell of freshly brewed Expresso coffee to attract people to your machine.

This machine has the ability to put in 12 seconds the aroma of freshly brewed coffee out to a distance of several hundred square feet then disipate because it is a dry air fragrance system that was developed and patented in the USA in 2004. The machine will stand ready to dispense the next puff when our motion detector notices the next passer by. The range of our motion detector is 10 ft. at an angle of 130 degrees from the front of your coffee machine.

The sachets are packed with our unique recipe of coffee fragrance oils and poly beads that will put out fragrance for at least 6 weeks in normal use.

Replacing them is easy and suggested every 6 weeks. Based on your own particular traffic the sachets will last slightly less or substantially longer.

Reorders are filled promptly and will sell for $15. US for a 6 week supply.

The fan system is infinitly adjustable from 50Cfm to 100 cfm enabeling a larger or smaller area to be covered by the fan. The adjustment is on the top of the fan and can be adjusted till you are satisfied with the area covered and need never be changed again.



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