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Knowing that c-stores are dying as long as people can do their gasoline transaction at the gas pump and never go inside.. we can provide them with the smell of fresh coffee and donuts at the pump (proven to drive at least 50% more traffic into C the stores). While they pump their own gas for 5 minutes, a sachet will twist in the breeze and put out the smell of great smell of coffee and donuts, with some visual to remind people to "Wake up and smell our coffee and donuts or something to that effect. Click here for more info...

TV promotions with the product’s scent, along with a display of the product greet customers as they enter C stores or Grocery stores.

High speed internet connectivity means virtually live delivery of your message and sales data so you can see the results of testing and to track performance.

Who could resist your product once they see and smell it.

Take your automatic door opening system and turn it into an income producing sales tool. Your TV commercial or digital sign is projected on the floor at the entrance to any store. As the door opens, customers are greeted with your Brand messages plus the scent of your product.

Wherever track lighting or recessed lighting exists today they can be utilized as digital projectors of images and scent. They promote products and also dispense scent into a specific zone. Projection can be on floors, walls, counter tops or POP displays. Our track lighting and scent instruments fit most existing fixtures.

With over 1000 large screen TV's in place at deli departments, people waiting for their order to be filled, will be entertained with a message and scented spots to drive sales of other products around the store.



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